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Repair Shop at Lame Deer Mill Detailed Views

Here are some closeups of the repair shop , everything included , scenery, figures, just add paint, glue and a base. The manual is all color with step by step process based guidance to replicate the results you see here, if I can do it, anyone can!

The DR MOW car is loaded with detail, the screw jacks , acetylene tanks, the portable air compressor are all Wiseman Model Services Model Castings, finished with my detailed instructions to replicate what you see here.

The repair shop deck is a cluttered but effecient workspace loaded with detail.


The derelict boxcar storage shed is slowly being taken over by weeds. The boxcar is all my scratch built resin castings, distressed already so the results can be focused on the final painting and finish work. 

The pipe rack is unique and comes with an assembly jig to aid in construction

The Pillar Crane is a Wiseman Kit that is begging to show its years in the elements.

The MOW work bench is cluttered and the figure by Jon Scofield helps bring the scene to life,

The derelict boxcar storage has seen better days and the tarp keeps some of the water out. Plastic tarps have been around surprisingly  since the early 1930's 

The brick outdoor forge is used for small tool and part repair , the mini scene is one of many that are part of the repair shop kit.

Castings are almost countless, barrels , drums, tools all included, my step by step instructions guide you through the results you see here. 


The outhouse behind the shop is shaded by a nice old oak tree.  

The oil and waste tank are another cool scene that are back to a day when pollution wasn’t a concern. 

The well worn steps leads to the passenger car that the men live in during the season, it’s old but cozy.

The work bench is full of tools and parts. The anvil and hammer have seen lots of work over the years.


Anotehr view of the back of the pipe rack and boxcar show the brush and level of detail in an area only an inch wide.